Pjevajte nešto ljubavno

Pjevajte nešto ljubavno

Pjevajte nešto ljubavno

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1s 46m 2007 HD

Pjevajte nešto ljubavno online. The main character Struja (Stream) is an unyielding rock musician in a demo-band called When Dirty Harry Met Dirty Sally. Struja would do anything to gather money to record the album as long as it doesn't involve giving up his rock musician beliefs. However, playing pop songs at weddings seems to be the only way out, and the rest of the bend - Struja's best friend and keyboard player Mario (Ivan Duricic), Deni, a handsome singer and bass player (Ivan Glowatzky) and Zlajfa, an indifferent drummer (Hrvoje Keckes) - are trying to persuade Struja to make a compromise. At the beginning he is very firm and reluctant to give in, but when Anja, the girl he left, announces that she is pregnant with his baby, Struja suddenly realizes that there are bigger issues in life than playing at wedding.

Pjevajte nešto ljubavno (2007)
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