Kraljica noći

Kraljica noći

Kraljica noći

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1s 35m 2001 HD

Kraljica noći online. The story takes place in Osijek in 1968. Seventeen-year-old Tomo is the greatest hope the town of Osijek has for winning the Junior Cup of Yugoslavia. Josip Broz Tito himself is expected to come to Osijek to open the competition. Nevertheless, Tomo is more interested in girls than in rowing. The beautiful prostitute Betika and a lovely girl named Jasna have captured his heart. Unfortunately, he has impotence issues of which even his doctors are unaware. Therefore, is unable to realize his sexual fantasies. Finally, he ends up in a hospital where local members of the political elite persuade him to compete in the cup. These pressures come to a head when his father is taken to prison as a political suspect.

Kraljica noći (2001)
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