Baby Doom

Baby Doom

Baby Doom

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1s 21m 1998 HD

Baby Doom online. Max is a programmer, Nicoline is a chef, and they are both young, in love, and ambitious. Then lightning strikes: they have a baby. From that day on, nothing is ever the same again. Max, who has just been promoted, is certain he has everything well in hand. He has just invented the LifeOrganizer interactive personal scheduler designed to make life easier. But having to endure a baby with colic, piled-up washing and missed deadlines, Max and Nicoline's bachelor lifestyle is put to the test. There are only 24 hours in a day, or are there? With many wacky smiles and lashings of gallows-humour Peter Gren Larsen depicts the stressed out situation young couples face when baby throws a spanner in your career. Max and Nicoline go through an awful lot, including a trial separation, before they accept that kids change your life.

Baby Doom (1998)
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