여직원의 맛

여직원의 맛

여직원의 맛

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1s 20m 2018 HD

여직원의 맛 online. Chief Park imagines going wild with Ga-hee while she thinks he's weird. One day, Chief Park leaves early and she has sex with Woo-jin, a colleague she's secretly seeing. A while later, Chief Park opens the door... The Taste of Theater 1 A couple is at the movies. Young-ho thinks there's no one around and starts touching Soo-ryeon, but she tells him there's someone sitting behind them. A while later, Soo-ryeon comes back from the toilet, but her glasses are broken and she can't see well enough so she sits next to a stranger... The Taste of A Motel Young-ho and Hye-jin drink together. She tells him she's going to sleep with her boyfriend for the first time soon and asks Young-ho to help her practice. He tells her not to worry, but he can tell that it's not her first time. The Taste of Theater 2 A stranger named Soo-ryeon sits next to Young-ho who is watching a movie alone and heartbroken. She hears what's happened to him and starts to comfort him. Then they sleep together.

여직원의 맛 (2018)
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