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0s 46m 1987 HD

聖闘士星矢 online. When Seiya, Hyōga and Shun visit Saori (Athena) at the orphanage, they meet an employee called Eri. An orphan herself, Eri takes a liking to Hyōga and one night they sit outside watching the stars. They see a shooting star and Hyōga asks Eri to make a wish. After Hyōga leaves, however, Eri becomes powerfully attracted to the shooting star and wanders alone into the woods, where she finds a golden apple. She is then possessed by Eris, the Goddess of Discord, and kidnaps Athena, planning to use the golden apple to suck her energy out, fully reincarnate and take over the world. Eris leaves a message for the Bronze Saints, who set out for the goddess's temple which appears on the mountains. There, the heroes fight the five Ghost Saints: Maya of Sagitta, Orpheus of Lyra, Christ of the Southern Cross, Jan of Scutum (called by the Japanese name Tateza) and Jäger of Orion.

聖闘士星矢 (1987)
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